because it matters


The One Good Idea™ Award is an initiative of Ion Brand Design, a place branding firm located in Vancouver, Canada.

Doing good is any organization’s badge of honour. Through our annual One Good Idea Award, we're looking for a project that positively contributes to the well-being of our world. Your organization’s project could be environmentally, socially, culturally or economically focused.

Ion will donate $25,000 worth of creative services to promote your idea.

We believe that at its core, sustainability is an expression of the desire to find balance and harmony among the competing social, economic and environmental drivers of culture. It’s about trying to fashion a better society, a better world. While most would agree that we all want to make a difference, we would probably also agree that we feel overwhelmed about how to make it real. Our One Good Idea Award endeavors to remind people that even small steps can contribute to massive change. One Good Idea is all it takes.

“We have done a lot of pro bono work over the years, but until we created this award, it never really had a focus,” says Ion Brand Design co-founder David Coates. “We believe that this award is an excellent opportunity to provide this focus and to promote sustainability by helping to develop a tangible product or service that will benefit humankind today.”

Founded in 1988, Ion Brand Design is a Vancouver-based multidisciplinary graphic design studio that develops game changing brands for cities, communities and destinations.